Several Great Reasons to Get Into the Game

Three Great Reasons

GM-Optional Gaming.

Experience Epic, Interactive Stories that Run Themselves.

  • Prewritten Campaign Books can be run with or without a Storyteller (GM) present. Engage in the immersive narrative, where each decision you make will change the fate of the game world.

Learn how to GM (on the Fly).

  • Storyteller modules come included with each of our products and can be turned on or off at a moment's notice. Modules like Flow are easy to use and teach you how to adapt your storytelling to the party's successes and failures without breaking game balance, along with every other skill you need to become a great GM.

Tabletop A.I. that Controls Foes so You Don't Have To.

  • Toggle seamlessly between manual or automated control of Foes, allowing you as much or as little work as you want! Each Foe has unique behaviour scripts that will challenge even the smartest players. Enable our Optional Modifiers and Learning A.I. System and watch the Foes adapt and evolve to the Heroes' strategies for even greater challenge!

Single-player Mode Included.

  • All of our prewritten content includes rules for solitaire play. The game world rests in your hands alone as you take command of the entire party.

Customize Everything. Yes, Even the Rules.

Easy to Learn.

  • Innovations like the CAP Check—which combines critical hits, accuracy checks, and penetrating armour into a single roll—allow you to always know your odds of success to make every choice count.

Play Your Way.

  • Customize your game experience by mixing and matching your favourite rules modules. EMBERWINDTM's modular game engine meets players at their experience level and interests. Want a traditional role-playing experience? Play using Skill Checks. Want something more involved? Try our Deck of Fates.

Balanced Asymmetry.

  • Each module is rigorously balanced against every other, allowing players to customize rulesets independently from one another. That means each party member can play exactly how they want without worry or compromise by having to share settings.

Endless Combinations.

  • Draw on a growing library of rules modules and resources. We are always developing new DLC to keep your game fresh and interesting.

Free to Play.

Getting Started is Free.

Free Bestiary & World Guide that's Constantly Updated.

  • From new lore, to new Foes, to new rules modules, we offer ongoing, periodic DLC drops. All for free.

Free Ongoing Updates and Support.

  • All of our paid and free products receive lifetime support from our staff. Also all for free.

Free Database Integration.

  • Products come included with integrations to all of our tools, allowing you to easily create, share, and send content to all of your friends on any device. Oh, and did I mention that this was free too, yet?

Three More Great Reasons

Feel Like a Hero.

A Fully-Fleshed Hero in 5 to 30 Minutes.

  • Your Hero should feel—and play—as epic at the table as they do in your imagination. It also shouldn't take an entire session to create. Use either the Aspect or Attribute System to design and define your Hero with unique abilities, customizations, and a compelling tie to the game world. All in under 30 minutes.

Choose From 9 Unique Hero Classes. 

  • Our 9 Classes are inspired by historic cultures from around the world, giving you flavour and adaptability. Heal as the Rogue, tank as the magic-wielding Ardent, or strike lethal blows as the support-casting Druid. Your Class in EMBERWINDTM doesn’t limit your role—it unlocks your potential.

Take Your Hero to the Next Level With Our Subclasses.

  • Subclasses are an optional component that allow your Hero to draw on a secondary list of specialized abilities to become even further refined. Wreak havoc as the lightning-wielding Elysian Legionnaire, or stalk your enemies as the shape-shifting Wildfang, or vigilantly protect your party as the shield-fighting Saviour.

Your Own, Unique Adventure.

Discover Axia, A Lore-Rich Fantasy World.

  • Axia is a shattered world of floating continents, soaring airships, dangerous magic, cult science, and ever-shifting political currents. Can you uncover all of its mysteries before succumbing to the mists?

Like an Onion.

  • From gripping short stories to the EMBERWikia digital resource complete with evolving entries that weave together the many threads of lore, ecology, politics, trade, magic, philosophy, and history—Axia is a truly living tapestry of a universe. Peel back the layers to uncover new characters, locations, Foes, motivations, and more.

Chart Your Own Path.

  • The future of Axia is not set in stone. Decisions your Hero makes while playing our Campaigns will alter which timeline and story branch to follow. Our Departure mechanic helps new Storytellers identify unexplored paths and our extended lore stories and world wiki provide the support needed to take your Campaign off the beaten track and into new territory to truly call "your own Epic".

Tactical & Creative Combat.

Be Imaginative.

  • Creativity matters not just in role-play, but in combat. EMBERWINDTM allows players to explore their tactical options, coordinate strategies, and find innovative solutions to challenges on the battlefield.

Discover Powerful Combos.

  • Heroes must discover ways to combine their unique Class abilities to maximum effect, or else risk defeat as one by one they fall. Teamwork is paramount to victory.

Explore Multiple Solutions. 

  • Each Combat Encounter is built like a puzzle, designed in a way to challenge the players to work together toward a solution, and the path to victory is rarely a straight line.

Evolving Combat That Stays Fresh.

  • With the Learning A.I. System enabled, Foes will find endless ways to evolve, providing limitless challenge.

Not Convinced Yet?

A Robust, Content-Creation Suite.

Design Anything.

  • The EMBERWINDTM Nexus features a suite of digital tools for everything from assembling your rulesets, designing your own Foes, to creating your own Heroes.

Easy to Use and Master.

  • Nexus' interface is designed to teach new players the underlying game mechanics without overwhelming them with options. Toggle freely between basic and veteran modes to unlock even more depth to your creations!

Never Out of Date.

  • All of Nexus' tools are synced to a database that we update periodically. Anything you create will receive notifications and automated updates to minimize your upkeep and maximize your creativity.

An Active and Supportive Community.

Join the Discord (and ask them yourself).

  • You can discuss the game, talk shop, and have your questions answered by active players or the developers directly, who are also a part of the community.

Share your Designs.

  • Get feedback on your content, artwork, writing, and characters from other players who love the game as much as you do.

And Become a Part of the Solution.

  • EMBERWINDTM is uniquely designed to facilitate mental health practitioners in their work. Your support and involvement in our community helps us continue to create and develop an ever-expanding suite of content, modules, and tools that aren't just fun, but directly affect the well-being of others.

Buy the Game.

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