[Core] Hero Manual

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The EMBERWIND: Hero Manual gives players everything they need to create fully customized Heroes using the nine main Classes.

Drop your Heroes into prewritten or custom Campaigns to hone their abilities and test their mettle! 


Compatible with:
  • 9 Epic Classes to Play
  • Easy-to-Create, Yet a Deep-and-Rich Hero Creation Process
  • Lifetime PDF Updates
  • Integration with EMBERWIND Nexus


Scrapbook Edition: Due to a mistake by the printers, the adhesive used in this edition has weakened binding and may come apart with repeated use. However, purchasing a Scrapbook Edition will still include the PDF version of the Hero Manual (a $30 value), lifetime updates, and full integration with EMBERWIND Nexus.

Standard Edition: A standard copy of the Hero Manual with corrected adhesive and binding to ensure lasting quality.