The Songweave Tapestry


Ascend to the peak of Summit on a mission to protect a brilliant young inventor from the unknown assassin who killed her aunt and stole an artifact of incredible power. Can you find Aetona Brightling before her aunt’s killer closes in or Summit’s warring factions tear the mountain apart forever?

  • 1 to 5 players.
  • 5-15 Hours per Playthrough (5 Endings).
  • Playable without any previous knowledge of EMBERWINDTM or experience with TTRPGs.
  • GM-Optional.



Tyrella is a hammer-for-hire and a veteran of countless bar fights and mercenary camps. After running away from her family—the wealthy and power-hungry House Machia—she began to live a life of ale, adventure, and (relative) anonymity.

Although most of her employers see her as a blunt instrument, she has an uncanny ability to drink her way into the good graces of the right people.

Playable Classes: Warrior, Atlanta, Rogue


Considered a hero by some and a heretic by others, Cecyl is an ex-clergyman of the Holy Order of Korabyllus. The Korabyllus taught him to peer into the spirit world to gain sacred knowledge, but forbade him to act on that knowledge. Eventually he abandoned the order and began using his training to channel the spirits of those who died in poverty and oppression to bring justice to those still living in squalor.

Driven by a deep sense of duty to the living and the dead, Cecyl is a formidable bodyguard and enforcer—as long as he believes he's standing on the right side of the conflict.

Playable Classes: Spiritualist, Ardent, Druid


As a traveler of the world, Kara knows that it's the tradewinds of Axia that truly hold its shattered lands together. Friendly, well-spoken, and a natural observer of human behaviour, she has haggled with every kind of shopkeeper and learned to appreciate the story behind each object she buys.

A perpetual optimist despite growing up orphaned and the sole survivor of a plague ship quarantine, she always looks for light whenever she finds herself in darkness.

Playable Classes: Invoker, Archer, Ardent


Boots is a clockmaker by training and a troublemaker by nature. She has a knack for subterfuge and getting into—and out of—all kinds of scrapes. As an agent for hire, Boots has performed many sensitive assignments involving investigations, inflitration, and sabotogue.

She harbours a grudge against the Riftkeepers' Guild, which she holds responsible for the death of her adoptive father. For her, wading into the middle of a dangerous political situation is a fun day on the job. All the better if it means ruffling a few Riftkeeper feathers.

Playable Classes: Archer, Tactician, Rogue

Rise up, Hero!

You may create and play your own Custom Hero rather than one of the four pregenerated ones included. Remember to select Anchors (and Deadweights) included in to ground your Hero in the time and location of this Campaign.

*EMBERWINDTM: Hero Manual required.



The world of Axia was shattered during a catastrophic event more than a millenia ago. Although the exact causes have long been forgotten, many blame the study of sciontics, a now-forbidden branch of arcane study.

The survivors cobbled together a precarious existence on the remaining pieces of land, and over time, adapted to this new world.


The mountain of Summit is the highest landmass in the known world. While most settlements of Axia use hearth crystals to stay afloat and hold back the miasmic gas that polutes the skies, Summit is located at the Crystal Horizon, a dizzying altitude where airships' drive crystals stop generating lift.

Summit's capital, Sparkstone, sits at the top of the mountain, and is in the throes of a power struggle between the Riftkeepers Guild, the Grey Legion, and a once-extinct order of mages known as the Scions.

Your Mission

On the eve of the Festival of Sparks, the mountaintop city of Summit teeters on the brink of chaos. Contraversial inventor Pavina Brightling was restoring an ancient artifact of unspeakable power when she was murdered and the device stolen. As you try to track down the late inventor's niece Aetona, you find yourself plunging into a maelstrom of arcane secrets and political conspiracies that threaten to tear the mountaintop apart.